Monday, 9 June 2014

Conversation With The Lobbyist's

      • The Genie party has recently come into contact with two lobbyists, and had a discussion about the temporary foreign workers program. This a very important issue, and we should address it immediately. Below, we have written a transcript of our conversation with these lobbyists.

Lobbyist #1: Why are foreign workers being paid very little, for jobs that Canadians wouldn’t do? Why are they doing these jobs and then forced to leave?

The Genies: I feel like you’re getting the wrong picture here. Not only may foreign workers do these jobs, but Canadians also do these jobs if they are not properly trained for the occupation or other job they wanted. Foreigners would need to acquire knowledge and education on the certain subject before they would be able to enhance Canadian citizen’s quality of life. Have you ever considered the 14 and 15 year-olds that work hard for their money? They too, are also limited to because of their lack of knowledge, and they also get paid less or minimum wage like these immigrants, but they are not foreigners. Foreigners are simply doing this job because it is the only opportunity they have to better their quality of life, due to the circumstances and limits they have for being foreigners and lacking the education/skills required for other jobs. The idea that they are forced to leave is very abstract, as it depends on every citizen and the situation they are in.

Lobbyist #2: Despite their education, these people work really hard for their money. They deserve to have better compensation their efforts, but they are making very little for effort that the job requires. In fact I have never seen a Canadian at my job and I don’t think I will ever see one. Wealthy Canadian employers are taking advantage of these workers from around the world, and the quality of life for these people need to improve.

The Genies: The fact that Canadians have well educated and knowledgeable citizens highlights the importance of jobs. Without these men and woman working in the field that they worked hard to achieve, the quality of life for ALL citizens would be hindered. Although a higher pay for foreigners may be a better option for them, think about how unfair it would be to the dr’s that spent years working for their name and future wage.

Lobbyist #1: Canada has been treating foreign workers bad since 1881. The Chinese were enslaved to work on the most dangerous thing Canada has built. They were forced to do work that canadians wouldn’t do, they were blown up or shot if they did there job or didn’t do their job. What makes today any different? WE still do the jobs that Canadians don’t want to do. Are we supposed to pay a head tax too? WHAT WILL MAKE YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT WE DESERVE BETTER?!?!?!

The Genies: The circumstances for foreign workers have changed since 1881, therefore the circumstances and the treatment towards these people are much better and different. With the help of the Genies, equality enforced and encouraged throughout our society.End paragraph: The Genies want to support all citizens in their jobs, wage, and quality of life. We want to know what you think about this issue too! Comment below with your thoughts, and we will take them into deep consideration. After all... your wish is our command.

Food Sustainability Summit

Today, we met with one our opposition parties, and discussed food sustainability around the world. We want to take action on creating more local, organic food market, but also creating a balance of commercial, pesticide infected foods available for people who wish to eat those foods. Controlling pesticide use would also create foods that are healthy for the people and healthy for society. As the discussion continued on, one thing that we and the United Armadillo party disagreed on was whether or not we should cancel trade in order to reduce emissions and spend trade money for local food. These actions would enhance healthier food and create a larger local economy.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Three Cabinet Ministers head up a committee!

Recently, it has been uncovered that a joint committee headed up by three cabinet ministers is studying the following map.

We have decided to address the implications involved – collective rights and immigration issue in Canada. The Genie party have decided that it is in the best interest of the people to take action in response to this information. We have represented our response to this information in the infographic presented below.

Please click this link to go to our infographic

After being uncovered, we have acknowledged that the implications of this map are extremely important for improving the quality of life for all citizens. We strive for equality among everyone, including language right. This multicultural quality of life will make Canada a happier place! 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Problem of the Senate

            Prime Minister Hephen Starper has asked all parties to contribute their thoughts to an ongoing issue with the Senate. In 5 steps, we explain our perspective of this controversy, and how to resolve the conflicts involved. We consider each perspective involved in an equal and fair way, expressing our values stated in earlier in this process.
            We believe that our Prime Minister should continue to select our members of the Senate. He was elected by our people, and therefore has the knowledge of the society. He is in the position to make decisions on behalf of everyone, based on their values. The conflicts involved in the Senate are pressing issues that we believe that can be resolved. The Prezi below demonstrates how we think this should be done.

Adult Sentences Proposed For 11-14 Year Olds Under Revised YCJA